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Alright, here’s the super super super natural makeup and hair Zanncreations did earlier for ‘The SMU Shop‘. Lens by Hong Hua Zheng. Some selected shots that we adore, hence sharing it ❤

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A while we updated this site. Thankful for the wonderful support that kept us so busy. Gladly, we are 5 years old. Visitors may noticed we posted a lot more hair works compared to makeup lately. To viewers… we are still working on all makeup and hair shown, but we try our best to refrain from over-posting our clients’ pics to respect their privacy, thus only a few interesting works is chosen for regular updates. Thank you for your understanding.  There are many makeup works in our existing site galleries, so do check us out 🙂  All makeup and hair by Zann Toh


Here’s one of our latest TVC makeup works for Expedia TVC.  Celebrity Makeup for Nina and Wang Weiliang by Zann Toh

Singapore Makeup Artist: Makeup and hairstyling by Zann Toh;

Sponsored Products and tools: Makeup using Artisan and Artist Brushes, Hairstyling using Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensocare Styler

Singapore Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist Singapore