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Singapore Makeup Artist: Makeup and hairstyling by Zann Toh;

Sponsored Products and tools: Makeup using Artisan and Artist Brushes, Hairstyling using Braun Satin Hair 7 Sensocare Styler

Singapore Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist Singapore

We are happy to receive another new hairstyling tool from Braun Singapore. Thank you Braun! ❤  #Product Courtesy from BraunSingapore    #SatinHair7withIONTEC    #AntiHairDamageBrush  #InstantSmoothness ❤

Makeup Artist Singapore

Makeup and Hairstyling Sevices Singapore

❤ Reminiscing the enjoyable & memorable pre-wed shoot that took place. Hence, sharing the series of joyous moments behind the scene ❤ Makeup and hairstyling by Zann Toh

Singapore wedding makeup  artist

Airbrush Makeup/ Hair: Zann Toh

Photography: Caleb Lim

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