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  1. Avantika Pandey (SIM) says:

    I was having my first photoshoot and as usual, i was looking like a nerd and bimbo. but Zann turned me from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan in no time. she was very sweet & patient, and tolerated all my tantrums gracefully. she is always smiling and that is so soothing when you have to face big black camera.
    hey zann…all the very best and keep making everyone pretty!! god bless you!!

  2. Paris Tran says:

    Zann was my make up artist for an important photo shoot. She gave me the most professional first impression by asking me what was I gonna wear so that she could find the suitable set of colour. Moreover, she has the sensitivity needed in a make up artist that enables her to know which style would suit your characteristic. She has the updated colour, she aims for perfection and she treats your face and hair as if they were hers. What more do you look for in an artist?

  3. Wan Jing says:

    (SIM)Zann was our makeup artist in a photo shoot. One of the pictures are now displaying outside my school, larger than life-size. The photo shoot was for a diverse group of individuals with very different props and her makeup reflected that she took all of these into consideration.
    Zann might be young, but she is extremely patient and professional. She always explains to me what she is doing, for instance, her choice or colours for the eye shadows and blush. I can feel her sincerity and the pride she puts into this job. In addition, she is smiley and energetic, making the makeup experience enjoyable.
    I remember in another photo shoot, I asked another makeup artist if she had any advice for my eyebrows (it’s the feature I am least happy with) and that artist (NOT Zann) simply said, “Trim them.” Zann, on the other hand, without me asking, took the initiative to tell me that eyebrow powder suits my brows best. I have since switched from pencil to powder. 🙂
    She also read my mind when she offered to tie thin braids on my hair- perfect match with my dress. They were wonderfully done and I loved it.
    I’m very grateful to Zann for doing such a great job at the photo shoot and that I managed to get some tips from her. It was a delightful experience.

  4. summer says:

    (ROM Makeup) I’m the gal that dont make up.. thus i do have certain reservation about makeup as i always have the perception that it will look unnnatural and mature…
    My perception change after zann do the makeup for me.. the makeup was natural and lovely.. i got lots of compliments about it
    thanks zann for making my day… Summer…

  5. mingobingong says:

    Wedding Actual Day – I am happy to have Zann help me with my Wedding makeup & hair — she knew what was good make up and able to do things in a zip!

    Thx zann for doing my makeup and hair!

  6. Karen Leticia says:

    (SMU) Zann did a make over for me during a corporate photo shoot, and the result was lovely. The look was natural, and not overdone. The color choice was nice. It perfectly suited the theme of the photo shoot, which was professional business look. I especially love the way Zann applied the blush on 🙂 The hair-do was very neat and pretty. Also, Zann is a very nice person, friendly, attentive, and cheerful. It was an enjoyable experience being made over by Zann. Thanks Zann for the wonderful work!

  7. Theresa says:

    (Pre-wed Outdoor Photoshoot) Zann did my make up and hair for our outdoor photoshoot at Marina Barrage. It’s not easy to keep the make up intact especially on a hot sunny day but Zann was super nice and patient. She made sure my make up and hair is good for every shot! She is very jovial and gave tips on make up as well =) Definitely looking forward to our ROM when she will do the make up and hair for me again! Thank you Zann for the great work!

  8. Christine says:

    Studio make-up for family portrait – Amazingly patient and accommodating make-up artist with trustable skills. I engaged Zann to do hair and make-up for myself, my sis and my mom- all of which have different preferences and personalities. Zann, being a good listener, effortlessly worked her way through. She brought out the unique features of each of us and made us beautiful in our own way. It is no secret that single eyelids and hidden double eyelids are quite a challenge; most people choose to draw their eyeliner thicker to create the illusion of double eyelids. This was why I was particularly impressed with my sis’ made-up look- Zann handled my sister’s hidden double eyelids very well; she did not have to do that to bring out the beauty of my sister’s hidden double eyelids.
    Way to go, babe!

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