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Zanncreations Makeup: Great skin acts a good basis for Face Makeup

The basis of having a good skincare regime is completely essential because great skin itself acts an excellent base for all makeup regime…   

Singapore Makeup Artist
Singapore Makeup Artist Review beauty products

Atache is a Spanish skincare brand founded since 1983; known as the pioneer in Europe for using retinol and vitamin C on the skin.

Last week, Beaulab AtacheSG sponsored me with a free facial treatment and a set of customised C-vital skincare product ranges for my daily use. Professional beauty trainer kim accessed my skin woes and recommended the following ️ a) Tensor Serum (great for use before my makeup regime, provides instant lifting and radiance to the skin)
b) Gel Hidro Protector Y Antioxidant (hydrates and balance my skin)
C) Facial treatment (instantly boost my skin radiance with loads of multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants)

Extremely pleased with the session and sponsored products; now, not just my dull skin has significantly became more radiant and smooth but I also have a more defined jawline. Thank you @atachesg for the lovely beauty gifts! Feeling loved #skincare #beautylover
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