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Zanncreations Makeup: Braun product reviews

#throwback: Something we received a while ago in its package… Product Courtesy of Braun Singapore
a) Satin Hair 7 Braun Sensodryer
b) Lightest style and go Satin hair 1 Braun Dryer

After using the product, this is our overall feel:
1) Dryer weighs relatively light as compare to the other brands we have previously used.
2) Hair feels smooth and look conditioned as the dryer blows the hair dry quickly yet works to retain the moisture in the hair
3) It’s cool air feature locks in the style giving hair it’s elasticity and bounce
4)External body of the dryer does not feel hot even after using for a long time and is easy to hold while using the device.
5) Satin Hair 1 dryer is foldable and compact in size which is great for travel with style.

Braun Product Reviews
Braun Product Reviews

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