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Zanncreations Makeup: Published Works on Papercut Magazine

Hi all,

This is the one of the published works for Papercut Magazine.

Photography – Caleb Lim / Makeup – Zann Toh/ Creative direction by Mark Kinoshita and assisted by Nef, Shaun and Lawrence/ Styling – Juffri Jeffri/ Modelling by Eileen Heydorn (Looque Models)

Awake: Paramnesia. Our eyes delving into her train of thoughts (top is stylist’s own)

Delusion: Balloons that represent her first meeting with her loved one. The one she believed could help overcome everything, lost. Reminiscing about her painful past in the vast desert (dress by Quinn)

(LEFT, Firdaus Aris) The Nymph: The created persona, the “evil” who forced her to let go. To convince herself that she wasn’t the one giving up. (RIGHT) The Kiss: Actions by the nymph intensify as she is forcefully taken into partaking the “sins” from her lips. The sharing of a cultish moment

(LEFT, dress by Firdaus Aris) Dance: Insanity. Having fulfilled the reason to give up all hope, she goes into her final expressive portrayal. (RIGHT, dress by Bernice Chua) Dazed: Devoid of energy, the remaining life in her. She is now close to her demise. There is no thought. Mindless

Death: Her last few breaths, hopelessly clinging on to life. Unable to pull through the pain and hardship that befell her (dress by Bernice Chua)

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