Latest images from our lovely customers wearing our collections ( by Zanncreations )โค Makeup/Hair by Zann Toh ( )

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At Zamour Weddings by Zanncreations, there are many lovely dresses for all occasions – both formal and semi-formal pampered for choices. Let your bodyline be enhanced by our customised in-trend collections now! Email for more detailsโค Makeup/hair by Zann Toh under Zanncreations

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Been a while since we last updated our works… so here we areโค

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Alright, here’sย the super super super natural makeup and hair Zanncreationsย did earlier for ‘The SMU Shop‘. Lens by Hong Hua Zheng. Some selected shots that we adore, hence sharing itโค

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So we’ve been into tons of natural looks, korean looks etc… let’s take a short break for a fashion look โ˜€Something for our braids lover todayโ˜€ with @gabriellemeys



One of the looks for our customerย that we will love to share. Makeup and hairstyling by Zann Toh